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Bathroom pack

Rs 2025 Rs 1,620.00
Oil Gone (500ml) - Heavy duty degreaser, concrete, brick & paving oil stains, petrol stations, mines,road spillages & accidents, workshop & tool cleaning, fuel tanks.

Odour Gone (500ml) - Bio-enzyme liquid eliminates foul odours in garbage disposal areas, refuse bins and dumpsters while ridding off fly infestations. Powerful instant fragrance system immediately hides foul odours. Cleans all surfaces and shiny.

Glass Cleaner (500ml) - Cleaning of windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces.

Multiclean (1L) - Daily cleaning, odour control, bathroom cleaning, deep cleaning,garbage bins, drain lines, furniture, mortuaries, abattoirs, home cleaning, nursery schools, pet spills & odours, fridge & freezer rooms. Powerful deodorizing perfume.

Anti Bac (500ml) - Eco-friendly Anti-bacterial liquid hand soap for effective control of germs & bacteria effectively cleans hands leaving a luxurious smooth feel.

Bio flush - Flush technology helps save water, eliminates toiler odours, plumbing blockages while reducing solids in septic systems. Helps to descale and keep toilets clean & shiny.
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