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A- Introduction

  1. These terms of use regulate your use of the website
  2. By using our website, you expressly agree to these terms of use in full; consequently, if you do not consent with these terms and conditions, whether in its entirety or in parts, you must not use our website.
  3. By registering on our website, you expressly agree with these terms of use.
  4. You warrant that you have the required legal capacity to enter into and be bound by a contract to make an online purchase on our website under the laws of Mauritius. You warrant that you are 18 (eighteen) years or older.
  5. You warrant that you understand that placing an order for a product or products on our website will only send that order to us, the seller, via Whats’app.
  6. Placing an order does not mean that the product or products are available and reserved for you. Instead, confirmation of the availability of the product will be done by us, the seller via either Whats’app message or call, phone call, or email.
  7. We make use of cookies on our website, by using our website, you expressly consent to our use of cookies.

B- Privacy Policy

  1. By registering and buying through our website, you will be asked certain personal information such as your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and other such details to enable us to provide you with our service.
  2. We collect information from you when you sign up on our website, make a purchase, subscribe to our newsletter or enter information on the website.
  3. The information we collect is used to:
    • personalize your experience with us
    • improve our website so that we can, in turn, improve your experience
    • implement a contest, a promotion, a survey or other such features

Our website uses cookies to improve the user experience. Cookies are small files that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive via your web browser (if the setting is activated on your browser). These files enable us to recognize your browser and retain certain information. The information we collect is used to understand your preferences and improve your experience.

You have full control over the cookies we use; you can at any time choose to turn them off, restrict the information they collect, or have your computer warn you every time our cookies are collecting information from you. This can be done via your web browser settings. All browsers are slightly different; please refer to your browser’s Help Menu to find the correct way to modify your cookies settings.

We may use your personally identifiable information to send you marketing materials, such as, but not limited to promotions and sales. By registering on our website, you are expressly agreeing to receive these marketing materials via email, SMS or otherwise.

C- Copyright

  1. We Carlicom own and control all the copyright and other intellectual property rights in our website.
  2. All the copyright, intellectual property rights, and other such material on our website are reserved.

D- License to use website

  1. You can only use our website for your own personal and business purposes, and must not use it for any other purpose.
  2. You must not:
    • edit or otherwise alter any material on our website.
    • sell, rent or sub-license any material from our website.
    • exploit any material from our website for commercial purpose.
    • and redistribute any material from our website.
  3. We reserve the right to restrict access to any and all areas of our website at our own discretion; you must not circumvent or bypass, or attempt to circumvent or bypass, any access restriction measures on our website.

E- Acceptable website use

You may not:

  1. Use our website in any such way that may cause any damage to the website and/or affect the performance, availability or accessibility of the website.
  2. Use our website in any way that is fraudulent, unlawful, illegal or harmful, or in connection with any fraudulent, unlawful, illegal or harmful purpose or activity.
  3. Use our website to use, store, copy, send, transmit, distribute, host or publish any materials consisting of, or linked to any computer virus, rootkit, spyware, trojan horse, keystroke logger, worm, or other malicious computer software.
  4. Access or otherwise interact with our website using any spider, robot, or other automated means.
  5. Conduct any automated data collection (including, and without limitation to data mining, data extraction, data harvesting and scraping) on or related to our website without our explicit written consent.

F- Login details

  1. Your login credentials are confidential.
  2. You are responsible for any activity conducted on our website using your login credentials.
  3. It is your sole responsibility to keep your login credentials private and confidential.
  4. You must notify us immediately if you suspect that your login credentials have been compromised.

G- Abuse report

  1. You should immediately inform us if you are aware of any activities that go against these terms of use.

H- Limitations

  1. We reserve the right to suspend or change part of or all of the services offered on our website at any time, without explanation or notice.
  2. We will not be legally or otherwise liable to you in case of any losses resulting from any event or events that are outside our reasonable control.
  3. We will not be legally or otherwise liable to you in case of any losses, business or otherwise, including (without limitation) loss of or damage to profits, income, revenue, use, production, anticipated savings, business, contracts, commercial opportunities or goodwill.
  4. We will not be legally or otherwise liable to you in respect of any loss or corruption of any data, database or software.
  5. We will not be legally or otherwise liable to you in respect of any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage.

I- Indemnity

You hereby legally and otherwise indemnify us, and pledge to hold us legally or otherwise indemnified, against any and/or all losses, damages, costs, expenses and liabilities (including and not limited to legal expenses and any amounts paid by us to any third party in settlement of a dispute or claim) suffered or incurred by us and arising indirectly or directly out of your use of our website or any violation by you of any provision of these terms of use.

J- Violation of these terms of use

If you are found guilty of or suspected of violating or attempting to violate these terms of use, we reserve the right to:

  1. Send you one or more than one formal warnings.
  2. Suspend your access to our website temporarily.
  3. Prohibit you from accessing our website permanently.
  4. Prevent computers using your IP address from having access to our website.
  5. contact your internet service provider/s and request them to block your access to our website.
  6. Undertake legal action against you, whether for violation of contract or otherwise. and/or
  7. Suspend or permanently delete your account on our website.

Where we terminate, prohibit or block your access to part of or the entirety of our website, you expressly affirm that you will not take any action, legal or otherwise, to circumvent any such action; including, and not limited to the creation and/or use of a different account.

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