Bio MulticleanTM is an incredible all in one liquid bio-enzymatic product with a proprietary and powerful blend of 12 different fragrances for a sophisticated & long-lasting smell. Bio MulticleanTM cleans instantly with no contact times required. Our super high foaming technology is increased even more with optional foam trigger system ensuring that even less water is required.

In an independently conducted cleaning test, Bio MulticleanTM was challenged against a leading imported bio-enzyme product. Bio Multiclean was diluted 10 times more with water, while the imported product was used undiluted. Even at 10 times higher dilution, Bio Multiclean cleaned more efficiently, being 10 times more cost effective!. A large part of this incredible performance is that the imported concentrated product contains a variation of 107 CFU per ml while Bio Multiclean contains at least 108 CFU per ml, which is a massive exponential log of 10 more! Bio Multiclean now contains 10% more active ingredients for the ultimate product performance.

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